Country Reports

Guideline for Country Reports

Country Year 2005 Year 2006 Year 2007 Year 2008
Belgium [PDF-file, 70kb]    
Czech Republic [PDF-file, 24kb] [PDF-file, 16kb]   
Denmark [PDF-file, 123kb] [PDF-file, 15kb]   
Finland  [PDF-file, 28kb]   
France   [PDF-file, 13kb]   
Germany [PDF-file, 67kb] [PDF-file, 32kb]   
Greece [PDF-file, 78kb] [PDF-file, 30kb]   
Ireland  [PDF-file, 48kb]   
Italy  [PDF-file, 23kb] [PDF-file, 526kb] 
Lithuania  [PDF-file, 90kb]   
Netherlands [PDF-file, 33kb]     
Norway [PDF-file, 10kb] [PDF-file, 11kb]    
Poland [PDF-file, 33kb] [PDF-file, 16kb]   
Portugal  [PDF-file, 40kb]   
Romania [PDF-file, 16kb] [PDF-file, 76kb]   
Serbia and Montenegro  [PDF-file, 57kb]   
Slovakia  [PDF-file, 85kb]   
Slovenia  [PDF-file, 76kb]   
Sweden [PDF-file, 19kb]     
Switzerland  [PDF-file, 11kb]   
Turkey   [PDF-file, 11kb] [PDF-file, 51kb] 
United Kingdom [PDF-file, 36kb]    

Action expired on 2nd November 2008.
Please find the action's final report here