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2005 presentation Róbert Németh& Sándor Molnár Utilisation of walnut (Juglans), robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia) and ash (Fraxinus) on the basis of Hungarian experiences
presentation Mats Nylinder & Lotta Woxblom Industrial utilization of hardwood in Sweden
presentation Rik Pakenham Growing Valuable Broadleaved Tree Species: Silvicultural Perspective
presentation Henrik Heräjärvi Birch - properties and utilisation
2006 presentation Lars-Göran Stener Results from genetic tests of Betula pendula and its impact on breeding in southern Sweden
presentation Eric Collin Conservation and utilisation of genetic resources of European elms
presentation N. Frascaria- LaCoste, Christian Raquin, Jean Dufour, Marie-Elise Morand- Prieur, Juan Fernandez, Pierre Gerard, Paola Bertolino, Louis Nowak Population Genetics of Fraxinus spp. in France: Achievements and Perspectives
presentation Bart de Cuyper Conservation and Utilisation of Forest Genetic Resources
presentation Gerry Douglas Genetic improvement of ash ( Fraxinus excelsior )
presentation Fulvio Ducci, Maria Emilia Malvolti Recent developments in the selection and breeding programme on Juglans spp. in Italy
presentation B. Musch, S. Oddou, A. Valadon, B. Le Guerroué and L. Lévèque Wild service tree - Result of research and management implications
presentation Bart de Cuyper Selection and Breeding of Valuable Broadleaved Tree Species
presentation Mark Broadmeadow, Tanja Wohlleber, Scott Wilson, Duncan Ray and Yvonne Grieves Climate change and the future of valuable broadleaves in the UK
presentation Jozef Mindas Climate Change Consequences for Forest Tree Spp.
presentation Derya Eşen Turkish Forest Resources
presentation  J.P. Skovsgaard et al. Procedures for forest experiments and demonstration plots
2007 presentation Bart de Cuyper European inventory of improved varieties of valuable broadleaves
presentation Bart de Cuyper Pan-European Provenance Trial - Questionaire
presentation Risto Hagqvist Curly beech (Betula pendula var.carelica) and its management in Finland
presentation Derya Eşen The role of weed management in growing valuable broadleave tree species
presentation Anneli Viherä-Aarnio Ecology of birch species
presentation Anssi Ahtikoski Economy of high quality birch management
presentation Pentti Niemistö Management of birch – methods to produce high quality birch
AFZ publication Johanna Storch, Mathias Brix, Heinrich Spiecker Edellaubbäume im europäischen Focus / Valuable broadleaves in the European focus of interest
presentation Valeriu-Norocel Nicolescu Early silivicultural interventions in naturally regenerated mixed stands including valuable broadleaved species
presentation Michael Bulfin, Ian Short, Todd Radford Management of New Plantation Broadleaves: Formative Shaping
presentation Ivo Kupka Pruning of young Wild Cherry trees
STSM Paola Pollegioni Application of NBS-profiling techique in Juglans spp
STSM  Valentina Giulietti Single tree oriented management in order to improve timber quality and value of broadleaved forests
STSM Gabriel Hemery Forest management and silvicultural responses to predicted global climate change on valuable broadleaved species
2008 Publication Dobrowolska, Dorota; Hein, Sebastian; Oosterbaan, Anne; Skovsgaard, Jens-Peter; Wagner, Sven Ecology and growth of European ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.)
Publication J.P. Skovsgaard, E. O’Connor, H.C. Graversgaard, E. Hochbichler, C. Mohni, N. Nicolescu, P. Niemistö, F. Pelleri, H. Spiecker, I. Stefancik & R. Övergaard Procedures for forest experiments and demonstration plots
Publication A. Oosterbaan(1), E. Hochbichler(2), V.N. Nicolescu(3) and H. Spiecker(4) Silvicultural principles, phases and measures in growing valuable broadleaved tree species
Presentation Pelleri F., Crivellaro A., Giulietti V., Pividori M Ash-sycamore secondary forests: a new chance for the Italian Alpine region?
Presentation Massimo Pilotti, Angela Brunetti, Lorenza Tizzani, Angela Gallelli, Valentina Lumia, Fabio Gervasi, Loreti Stefania Gene candidates for perception and signal transduction in the disease resistance response of woody species
Presentation Enrico Brugnoli, Maura Pellegrini, Monica Manieri, Marco Lauteri The application of stable isotopes to study Biosphere-Atmosphere interactions in Mediterranean Forests Ecosystems
Presentation Silvia Fineschi, Francesca Bagnoli, G.G. Vendramin The role of historical and evolutionary factors on the dynamics of forest tree populations
Presentation Nocetti Michela1, Brunetti Michele, Ducci Fulvio, Romagnoli Manuela Wood characterization of clones selected for valuable timber production: the case study of Italian wild cherry


Action expired on 2nd November 2008.
Please find the action's final report here