Scientific Programme

The philosophy of the Action is based on a close co-operation and interaction between experts and professionals in the different disciplines of forestry. Further wood specialists and experts on biodiversity will be consulted where necessary. Co-operation with forest- and landowners, farmers, forest owners associations, nature conservation experts, political decision-makers and other stakeholders will be established. Demonstration plots representing different management scenarios will be established, so that they are distributed on various locations in Europe on adequate sites in both agricultural landscape and forest rich regions. The unique conditions of each region and landscape type are to be taken into account when determining where the plots should be situated. The demonstration plots show examples for different management options and visualise effects of spacing on crown architecture, mixture of tree species, plant material and site requirements, pruning and quality control, volume growth control, thinning and final cutting systems and how to optimise the production.

Scientific Areas

The detailed, thematic issues that will be researched are:

Action expired on 2nd November 2008.
Please find the action's final report here