given in Thessaloniki (18.05.2005- 21.05.2005)

Utilisation of walnut (Juglans), robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia) and ash (Fraxinus) on the basis of Hungarian experiences
presentation [PDF-file, 4,8mb]
abstract [PDF-file, 8kb]
abstract [DOC-file, 20kb]

By RóbertNémeth& SándorMolnár
University of West-Hungary, Sopron

Industrial utilization of hardwood in Sweden
presentation [PDF-file, 202kb]
abstract [PDF-file, 10kb]
abstract [DOC-file, 24kb]

By Mats Nylinder & Lotta Woxblom
Department of Forest Products and Markets, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

Growing Valuable Broadleaved Tree Species: Silvicultural Perspective
presentation [PDF-file, 3mb]
abstract [PDF-file, 8kb]
abstract [DOC-file, 21kb]

By Rik Pakenham, Chiltern Forestry,Oxford, UK

Birch - properties and utilisation
presentation [PDF-file, 3mb]

By Henrik Heräjärvi

Action expired on 2nd November 2008.
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