given in Orvieto (IT) (May 2008)

The application of stable isotopes to study Biosphere-Atmosphere interactions in Mediterranean Forests Ecosystems
presentation [PDF-file]

by E. Brugnoli et al.

The role of historical and evolutionary factors on the dynamics of forest tree populations
presentation [PDF-file]

by S. Fineschi et al.

Wood characterization of clones selected for valuable timber production: the case study of Italian wild cherry
presentation [PDF-file]

by M. Nocetti et al.

Ash-sycamore secondary forests: a new chance for the Italian Alpine region?
presentation [PDF-file]

by F. Pelleri et al.

Gene candidates for perception and signal transduction in the disease resistance response of woody species
presentation [PDF-file]

by M. Pilotti et al.









Action expired on 2nd November 2008.
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